Christmas Gifts for Her

Christmas Gifts for Her

Whether you are buying for your wife, girlfriend, mother or friend, buying gifts can be a challenge. Here at Cozy, we have put our heads together to choose some of our favourite gifts for the ladies in your life. 

  • The Gift of Relaxation

Tension within the neck and shoulders can impact your sleep and increase the occurrence of headaches. This uCozy 3D Shoulder Massager warms tired muscles while also targeting tense areas and providing relief. 

  • Sustainable Jewellery

Created from recycled skateboards, these Triangle Wood Dangle Earrings are a beautiful and environmentally-friendly choice of gift. The earrings are crafted to showcase the multi-coloured plywood which makes up a skateboard and as they are all handmade, each pair is guaranteed to be unique. 

  • Something for a sweet tooth

If the lady in your life has a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Tree. Created using a combination of chocolate covered raisins, belgian chocolate and miniature chocolate segments, each tree is handmade. Two size options are available to choose from and each tree can be personalised as a gift.