Easter fun for everyone

Easter fun for everyone

After being disappointed with cancelled Easter plans in 2020, many of us will be planning on lowering our expectations for 2021. For a lot of us, that will mean a quiet bank holiday weekend at home and eating a lot of chocolate. But, the good news is that while things might still not be back to normal for many of us, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate Easter without leaving your home or organising big family get-togethers. Here at Cozy, we have put our thinking caps on and come up with some easy ways to make Easter fun for everyone.

One of the things that we often look forward to over the Easter period is (hopefully) better weather and the opportunity to spend time outside. If the weather is dry, why not go for a socially distanced walk or bike ride? You could even make a day of it by packing a picnic with all of your favourite treats. We promise that we won’t judge if the only item in your picnic basket is chocolate...we will probably be doing the same. 

If you have children, an Easter egg hunt is an easy, cheap and fun way to add excitement to your usual celebrations. Whether you choose to hide chocolate eggs, sweets or small toys, there are plenty of ways to create a hunt indoors, in your garden or in a local open space. If you want to be particularly creative, why not think up some clues for each hiding place and give your egg hunt more of a treasure hunt feeling. 

Many of us would usually celebrate Easter with our extended families, enjoying an enormous roast dinner and catching-up with one another. Obviously, Covid restrictions mean that this can’t happen for many of us this year, but there are other options. If your family is local, why not organise for a local business to deliver meals to everyone at a designated time and then eat together via video call? You could even treat yourself to a new dinner service or table ware to make the meal extra special. For those with family who are spread further afield, you could video call your Easter egg hunt or organise for gifts to be delivered rather than traditional chocolate eggs. 

Whatever you decide to do and however you choose to celebrate, here at Cozy we want to wish you a wonderful Easter.