Eco Tall Closed Terrarium 30cm

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This glassware is handblown and made from recycled glass, so you can be sure - along with packaging - it's eco-friendly.

This is a tall and rare piece of lidded glassware, specifically designed for terrarium crafting. Create your own miniature ecosystem by carefully layering various materials and placing plants, moss and other organisms. 

As this glassware is closed, it is perfect for creating a mossy / jungle / forest aesthetic as it will retain humidity and allow for a proper ecosystem. Build your own miniature world, or gift to someone close to you that you know will love this as a gift.

The terrariums you can create with this glassware will require very little maintenance. 

Need help creating your own terrarium or have any questions? Reach us at [email protected] or visit our website to learn more:

Height: 30cm
Diameter: 9.5cm


* As glassware is handmade, there may be slight imperfections in the glass
* Will be packed tightly to ensure safety of glassware

Shipping Cost £4.99
Shipping Time Ready to ship in 2-3 Business Days

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